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Biostatistics And Research Methodology B Pharm 8th Semester Notes PDF [2023]

Hello Dear Friends, How are you all, hope you are doing well, today in this article we are going to tell you how you can download Biostatistics And Research Methodology B.Pharma 8th Semester Notes Download Free PDFs for free. Friends, you will also get to see PDF and download links of B.Pharmacy 8th Semester Handwritten and Standard Notes in this article.

According to the syllabus of 2023 by PCI (Pharmacy Council of India), you will get the link to download all the handwritten and standard notes, you get the option to download all the notes semester wise or unit wise.

B.Pharm 8th Semester Information:

Course NameB.Pharma
Semester Year8th Semester
Notes TypesHandwritten & Standard Notes
PCI Syllabus NotesLatest PCI 2023
Subject NameBiostatistics And Research Methodology
CategoryB Pharm
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Official Website PCIwww.pci.nic.in

Note:- Friends, on this website all types of information like – B.Pharma and D.Pharma All Subject PDF Free Notes, Semester Wise Note, Latest Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern 2023 Download, Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download etc.

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Biostatistics And Research Methodology Syllabus 2023 Pdf Download

Let us see what is in the syllabus of Biostatistics And Research Methodology.

Unit I

1. Introduction

  • Statistics, Biostatistics, Frequency distribution

2. Measures of central tendency

  • Mean, Median, Mode- Pharmaceutical examples

3. Measures of dispersion

  • Dispersion, Range, standard deviation, Pharmaceutical problems.

4. Correlation

  • Definition, Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, Multiple correlation – Pharmaceuticals examples.

Unit 2

1. Regression

  • Curve fitting by the method of least squares, fitting the lines y= a + bx and x = a + by, Multiple regression, standard error of regression– Pharmaceutical Examples.

2. Probability

  • Definition of probability, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution, Poisson’s distribution, properties – problems Sample, Population, large sample, small sample, Null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, sampling, essence of sampling, types of sampling, Error-I type, Error-II type, Standard error of mean (SEM) – Pharmaceutical examples

3. Parametric test

  • t-test(Sample, Pooled or Unpaired and Paired) , ANOVA, (One way and Two way), Least Significance difference.

Unit 3

1. Non Parametric tests

  • Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test, Mann-Whitney U test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Friedman Test

2. Introduction to Research

  • Need for research, Need for design of Experiments, Experiential Design Technique, plagiarism

3. Graphs

  • Histogram, Pie Chart, Cubic Graph, response surface plot, Counter Plot graph

4. Designing the methodology

  • Sample size determination and Power of a study, Report writing and presentation of data, Protocol, Cohorts studies, Observational studies, Experimental studies, Designing clinical trial, various phases.

Unit 4

Blocking and confounding system for Two-level factorials

1. Regression modeling

  • Hypothesis testing in Simple and Multiple regressionmodels.

2. Introduction to Practical components of Industrial and Clinical Trials Problems

  • Statistical Analysis Using Excel, SPSS, MINITAB ® , DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS, R – Online Statistical Software’s to Industrial and Clinical trial approach

Unit 5

1. Design and Analysis of experiments:

  • Factorial Design – Definition, 2 2 , 23design. Advantage of factorial design.
  • Response Surface methodology – Central composite design, Historical design, Optimization Techniques.
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Download free Pdf of notes of Biostatistics And Research Methodology

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